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Why Attend the Congress?

European Congress on Personalised Medicine, Milan 2018
Why Attend the Conference

Forward as One: Integrating Innovation into Europe’s Healthcare Systems

Why Attend the Congress?

More than 1000 Life Sciences thought leaders will convene at the second annual EAPM Congress, to be held at the Palazzo Lombardia in Milan between November 26th – 28th.

As it did last year in Belfast, the annual event will bring together key audiences who contribute to the vast programme content and vital knowledge exchange.

Don’t miss the opportunity to join large numbers of industry professionals, government regulators, patients, academia, and exhibitors to drive insights to action.

More than ever this year, a focus will be on the upcoming European Parliament elections and the installation of a new College of Commissioners, tasked with devising and implementing regulatory frameworks in all areas, including certain aspects of health.

More than 700 MEPS will be elected next summer and the Commission will also have a new president as Jean-Claude Juncker steps down.

One of the goals of Congress is to engage politicians and lawmakers in the fast-growing field of personalised medicine, and deliver political asks through our consensus-based process.

Europe needs to grasp the fact that health equals wealth and that investment in research and innovation, alongside laws and rules that are fit-for-purpose and reflect the swiftly changing world of medicine, are vital. Hence our continued interaction with MEPs, Commissioners and Member State health leaders.

EAPM also aims to showcase developments and new ideas at Congress. For example, development of major initiatives in genomics and personalised medicine is a global trend with significant investments being committed, for example by the governments of the US and China.

In Europe the most comprehensive initiatives, encompassing clinical implementation, research and enterprise, are being seen in countries such as the UK (100,000 Genomes Project) and France (Médecine Génomique 2025).

It is important that Europe remains competitive in this field given the resulting health and economic benefits and EAPM’s plans for a Million European Genomes Alliance (MEGA) would be synergistic with the national aims, projects and activity of participating Member States and provide structures and a network that can move research to clinical practice and commercial enterprise, putting these countries at the forefront of personalised medicine globally.

MEGA is part of just one of many tracks to be covered in Milan including innovation, education, modern hospitals, funding, guidelines and more.

Strong Reasons to Attend the Congress?

  • Milan will see a multi-stakeholder driven Congress with patients at the centre
  • The EAPM Congress is a neutral organisation providing thought leadership content and a global platform for healthcare product development and knowledge exchange designed to drive change and improve outcomes
  • It’s an opportunity to learn more the scientific, research and policy development in personalised medicine, its huge potential and how it can change the lives of millions of patients for the better
  • Attendees have the chance to hear the opinions of experts first hand and engage with European, national and regional pliticians, as well as respond to and pose questions on the day
  • Also, those present will have the chance to understand how an integrated, coherent, cost-effective and cohesive health strategy will impact on systems and the standard of care in individual Member States
  • Congress is a valuable opportunity to see into the minds of other stakeholders, understand their issues and find out what they really feel they need from you
  • And it represents an excellent chance to network with (and be interviewed by) health journalists. Also, to meet industry leaders, cutting-edge scientists and all other personalised medicine stakeholders from across the EU
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