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European Congress on Personalised Medicine, Milan 2018
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Forward as One: Integrating Innovation into Europe’s Healthcare Systems

Welcome Message  from EAPM Co-Chairs and EAPM Executive Director

Personalised medicine is in the news more-and-more often these days, with its goal of giving the right treatment to the right patient at the right time.

Breakthroughs in genetics, calls for more and better screening, developments in imaging techniques and the emergence of what we now call ‘Big Data’ have already changed the world of healthcare for ever.

The European Alliance for Personalised Medicine’s second annual Congress will, like the first edition and (by the end of March 2018) six Presidency conferences, pull together leading experts in the fast-moving healthcare arena.

More than 1000 Life Sciences thought leaders will convene at the Congress, to be held at the prestigious Palazzo Lombardia in Milan between November 26th – 28th.

As it did last year in Belfast, the annual event will bring together key audiences who contribute to the vast programme content and vital knowledge exchange.

Don’t miss the opportunity to join large numbers of industry professionals, government regulators, patients, researchers, academia, healthcare professionals, journalists and exhibitors to drive insights to action.

More than ever this year, a focus will be on the upcoming European Parliament elections and the installation of a new College of Commissioners, tasked with devising and implementing regulatory frameworks in all areas, including certain aspects of health.

More than 700 MEPS will be elected next summer and the Commission will also have a new president as Jean-Claude Juncker steps down.

One of the goals of Congress is to engage politicians and lawmakers in the fast-growing field of personalised medicine, and deliver political asks through our consensus-based process.

Europe needs to grasp the fact that health equals wealth and that investment in research and innovation, alongside laws and rules that are fit-for-purpose and reflect the swiftly changing world of medicine, are vital. Hence our continued interaction with MEPs, Commissioners and Member State health leaders.

We hope to see you in Milan in November.

David Byrne and Gordon McVie, EAPM Co-Chairs

Denis Horgan – Executive Director EAPM

David Byrne

David Byrne
EAPM Co-Chair

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Dennis Horgan

Denis Horgan
Executive Director
European Alliance for Personalised Medicine

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Gordon McVic

Gordon McVie
EAPM Co-Chair

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