Translational Research Track

28th November – 10:00 – 11:15 – Session II
Education Track

Delivery of Results

Although personalized medicine can be seen as the evolution of medicine, rather than a revolution, it certainly brings new challenges in terms of the delivery and understanding of the results. This is not only true for the patients, which needs to understand complex genomic results, but also for the medical professionals who often haven’t been exposed to this type of information before.

This session will explore various approaches that have been developed in order to increase the efficacy of personalized medicine approaches.


Jeanne Egar

Assistant Director, Management & Operations for CIHR Institute of Genetics


When Direct Questions Do Not Work: The Role of Gaming for Informed Decision Making and Improved Translation Research in Precision Medicine

 Gillian Bartlett.

Gillian Bartlett

iChange project, Oncology, Canada

Three genomic initiatives at BC Children’s and Women’s Hospital: The importance of genetic counselling

Alison Elliott

Alison Elliott

Investigator, BC Children’s Hospital

Eduard Hergenreider

Eduard Hergenreider

Senior Subject Matter Expert, SAP