Forward together with innovation with the regions at the centre: Regions4PerMed

28th November – 14:00 – 15:15 – Session III
Education Track

Session III – 14:00 – 15:15 Technological challenges for system integration and data interoperability

Innovative solutions can boost people’s health and quality of life and enable more efficient ways of organising and delivering health and care services. For this to happen, they must be designed to meet the needs of people and health systems and be thoughtfully implemented to suit the local context.   Digital infrastructures and technologies should be seen as an integral part of health and care and geared towards the wider objectives of health systems.

The swift deployment of innovative and digital health solutions can best be achieved by working together at EU level, sharing experiences in deploying, measuring impact and transferring innovation across Member States and regions.  The active engagement of all parties is essential to succeed in creating a “triple win” that benefits people, health systems and the market.

Continuous technical dialogue will ensure that EU and Member State policy makers receive the best possible information and advice, thereby minimising barriers to the uptake of personalised medicine at the political level.   The Regions4PerMed plan is that regional representatives will be able to understand how other EU regions are tackling the challenges, will have access to state of the art analyses from relevant stakeholders, and will share their views and update policies.




Francois Cadiou

Co-founder, Healint

Jan Verheyden

Jan Verheyden

VP Traumatic Brain Injury, IcoMetrix

Paolo Gazzaniga

Paolo Gazzaniga

Director of Studies Center, Assobiomedica


Fabrizio Landi

President, Toscana Life Sciences

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