Forward together with innovation with the regions at the centre: Regions4PerMed

28th November – 08:30 – 09:45 – Opening Session
Education Track

Setting the Scene

It is well documented that EU citizens value good healthcare very highly – it is a priority and policymakers generally know this (if they don’t, then they should).   Equity of healthcare across Europe does not really exist unfortunately, for various reasons, but it is a prize goal that politicians and stakeholders have little choice but to aim for. The large differences in health care expenditure cannot be explained entirely by the demographic, economic or technological differences.

Legal and institutional architecture of healthcare provision and financing is undoubtedly an important factor influencing the public and private spending in the sector. However, the high complexity of the system and variety of its features makes it very difficult to quantify and compare across the EU.   This session will feature a chair, plus five speakers representing the Commission and Coordinators of the project as well as two speakers with a specific focus on SMEs.

Institutional Welcome

Maurizio Bersani

Maurizio Bersani

DG Welfare, Lombardy Region


Gianni Errico

Gianni D’Errico

Project Coordinator, Regions4permed


Denis Horgan

Denis Horgan

Executive Director, European Alliance for Personalised Medicine


Gaetano Gugliemi

Director, DG research and health innovation, Italian Ministry of Health

Paola Castagnoli

Paola Castagnoli

Scientific Director, Toscana Life Sciences


Andrea Paolini

General Director, Tuscany Life Sciences

Gianpietro VAN DE GOOR

Gianpietro VAN DE GOOR

European Commission, Unit Personalised Medicine, DG Research & Innovation

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