Regional Track

27th November – 17:15 – 18:30 – Session VII
Education Track

Regional Innovation in Mediterranean Countries

There is a heightened focus on personalised healthcare among relevant stakeholders across the Mediterranean region, but an effective strategy for bringing about the necessary policy modifications and practical shifts requires an understanding of the personalised healthcare landscape.

Personalised healthcare means many different things to a broad range of stakeholders. This session will  bring together patients, medical professionals, healthcare planners, researchers, and policy makers/regulators/politicians to identify key policy asks for the region.


Mario Pazzagli

Professor of Clinical Biochemistry, Department of
Clinical and Experimental Biochemical Science, University of Florence, Italy


Antonio Barone

Antonio Barone

Head of Unit, LISPA (Lombardy Informatics)

Navarra 1000 Genomes Project (NAGEN 1000): A Model for Regional Implementation of Personalised Genomic Medicine in the Public Healthcare

Sara Pasalodos Sánchez


Andrea Paolini

Andrea Paolini

General Director Tuscany Life Sciences

 Andrea Belardinelli

Andrea Belardinelli

Director, DG Innovation in Welfare, Tuscany Regional Government