Regional Track

27th November – 08:30 – 09:45 – Session IV
Education Track

Regional Innovation in Nordic Countries

Healthcare systems in the Nordic countries are basically alike. They are to a large extent financed and produced by central Government, but the share of private health professionals has increased in recent years. Comprehensive reforms have been implemented to improve productivity and effectiveness. This has resulted in the Nordic countries leading the rest of the EU in fostering new digital startups and helping businesses go digital.

The Commission has listed five ‘dimensions’ in its Digital Entrepreneurship Scoreboard which measures and ranks Member States. These include how competitive countries are in making ICT-related products and how well their infrastructure supports digital. They also cover access acquiring those skills at an educational institution.


Laurenz Baltzer

Laurenz Baltzer

Publication Manager, Karger


Johanna Arola

Johanna Arola MD. PhD.

Professor of Molecular Pathology, Head of Department, Helsinki University Hospital


Birute Tumiene

Coordinator of Competence centers, Vilnius University Hospital Santaros Clinics

Bogi Eliasen

Bogi Eliasen

Senior Researcher, Copenhagen Institute For Futures Studies