Education Winter School Track

28th November – 08:30 – 09:45 – Session VII
Education Track

Redefining the Role of Family Physicians Through the Use of EHRs and Artificial Intelligence

As electronic health records become better integrated into healthcare systems, access to high quality data should improve. This development should enable new tools that leverage artificial intelligence that will complement each physician’s clinical skills. As broader data sets are accessed, specific patterns could be discovered that better guide clinical decisions.

The GPs/FPs are ideally situated to manage these tools to confirm that the findings are relevant to individual patients before initiating new diagnostics or therapeutic interventions. This session will discuss how these tools can be implemented and what training would be required to support GPs/FPs in the adoption of these technologies.  Real world examples will be highlighted to illustrate potential applications.


Lars Rohwer

Lars Rohwer

Senior Director, Government Affair & Policy, Siemens


Electronic Medical Records: Benchmarking Implementation Across Europe

Luke Slawomirsk

Luke Slawomirski

Senior Economist/Policy Analyst, OECD Paris, France

Commission Perspective

Valere Dussaux

Valere Dussaux

Director, Health and Life Sciences Industry Sales Specialist, INTEL

Marco Sacco

Head of CNR-STIIMA subsidiary – Institute of Intelligent Industrial Technologies and Systems for Advanced Manufacturing