Diabetes Track

27th November – 17:15 – 18:30 – Session IV
Education Track

Value based health care and personalization

How can frameworks be established to facilitate collaboration with partners to advance scientific evaluation of T1D therapy effectiveness?

The aim is to provide healthcare decision-makers with the information they need to make coverage decisions. This includes analysing unmet needs in the T1D community and work in the T1D Outcomes Programme with institutional partners. Here we look at the models from other region and its applicability.


Jeannette Soderberg

Jeannette Soderberg

European project manager jDRF


Big Data for Better Outcomes – opportunities for diabetes, lessons learned from cancer

Frédéric De Reydet

Frédéric De Reydet

Director, Global Market Access NSO, Novartis, Basel, Switzerland

New reimbursement models and value for T1D

Henk Veeze

Henk Veeze, MD, PhD

Pediatrician, Senior international Medical Director, General Manager Diabeter

Outcomes for T1D and value for PWD


Mona Khalid

Vice President, Outcomes Research and Development

Overview of outcomes measurement in diabetes and reflections on diabetes registry research


Fabrizio Carinci

Adjunct Professor of Biostatistics, University of Bologna, Technical Coordinator of the EUBIROD network