Men’s Health Track

26th November – 16:00 – 17:15 – Session III
Education Track

Multidisciplinary Approach of Early Diagnosis: The Way Forward

We can learn much about health systems from how men use them, and how they impact on the health of men. Infrequent use of and late presentation to health services lead to higher levels of potentially preventable health problems and fewer treatment options.

The overall rate of admission to hospital is higher for men than for women for all of the principal diseases and health problems. Men’s poorer knowledge and awareness of health also points towards the need for targeted health information.

Here we look at the various policy actions required.


 James N’Dow

Professor James N’dow

Chairman, Guidelines Office Board, EAU


EU Joint Action Cancer Control Overview

Tit Abreht

Tit Albreht

Coordinator of the EU Joint Action Cancer Control

Question to European Association of Urology: Will this support a positive outcome for men in the EU?

Hendrik Van Poppel

Hendrik Van Poppel

EAU Adjunct Secretary General – Education, EAU

Interim results of WP 10

Jumana Mensah

Jumana Mensah

German Cancer Society, Berlin, Germany

Laetitia Gambotti

Laetitia Gambotti

Director, Departement Recherche Clinique, INCa