Diagnostic Track

26th November – 16:00 – 17:15 – Session III
Education Track

Value of diagnostic Information (VODI) from Concept to Reality

Diagnostics can offer important benefits to patients, healthcare professionals and healthcare systems and they are a key factor in the development of personalised medicine.

However, few diagnostics are integrated into clinical practice and access to these technologies remains inequitable across countries and sometimes even within individual countries.

If the research and the regulatory environment have proven to be more challenging than expected, reimbursement and value assessment remain the main hurdle to providing equitable access to patients. Unclear or un-existing reimbursement pathways together with the lack of clear evidence requirements have led to significant delays in the assessment of those technologies in some countries.

This session will attempt to consider the different perspectives (patients, healthcare payers, healthcare professionals and manufacturers), through the discussion of specific case studies, and propose policy solutions.


Hans Martins

Hans Martens

Senior Advisor – European Policy Centre; Danish think tank Europa


Cor Oosterwijk

Cor Oosterwijk

Secretary general, EGAN

Markus Ott

Markus Ott

Head of Global Market Access & Health Policy, Roche Diagnostics International Ltd

Socio-economic aspects of Value of Knowing

Bernarda Zamora

Bernada Zamora

Economist, The Office of Health Economics