Diagnostic Track

26th November – 10:45 – 12:00 – Session II
Education Track

Reimbursement and financial framework for Diagnostics

Ongoing research and development of new therapies, diagnostic tools, and mobile technologies offer new opportunities, bringing faster and more accurate diagnosis, allowing patients to go home sooner, helping healthcare professionals to monitor conditions more accurately, and improving patient outcomes.

Its principal goal is to confidently and scientifically select patients who have the best possibility of having a positive response to a given treatment. Companion diagnostics can thus ensure that patient data can be used to inform better choices.

In ideal circumstances, healthcare professionals are able to make more informed decisions, and this session will present a structure of issues that can support the uptake of this in the healthcare systems.


Hans Martins

Hans Martens

Senior Advisor – European Policy Centre; Danish think tank Europa


Francesca Boggio Mesnil

Francesca Boggio Mesnil

Principal, Executive Insight

Carlos Sisternas

Carlos Sisternas

Director, FENIN

Michael Paul Messenger

Michael Paul Messenger

Principal Healthcare Scientist, Leeds Institute of Cancer & Pathology, Leeds