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About EAPM

European Congress on Personalised Medicine, Milan 2018
Education Track

Forward as One: Integrating Innovation into Europe’s Healthcare Systems

EAPM Aims and Objectives

The European Alliance for Personalised Medicine (EAPM) is a Brussels-based organisation consisting of patients, academics, healthcare professionals, researchers, industry representatives and more, from 40 different stakeholder groups.

Its goal is the integration of personalised medicine into Europe’s healthcare systems. The Alliance meets regularly with legislators/ regulators to explain the stakeholder perspective from a consensus-based platform.

The Alliance aims to:

  • Establish a leadership position in personalised medicine
  • Position personalised medicine within the broader context of personalised Healthcare
  • Help to ensure the understanding of personalised healthcare by patients, professionals and policymakers
  • Help shape EU policy discussions and create incentives for personalised medicine
  • Help shape a favourable reimbursement environment for personalised medicines and companion diagnostics
  • Bring together healthcare planners, medical professionals, research organisations, NGOs, industry any other stakeholders in the continuum
  • Ensure a multi-disciplinary approach
  • Promote ‘outreaching’ to
  • Develop a comprehensive and collaborative approach to achieve coordination