Hospital Track

27th November – 08:30 – 09:45 – Session I
Education Track

Recommendations for the implementation of personalised medicine in the clinical setting

Personalised medicine (PM) has the potential to respond to, among others, the increasing burden of co-morbidities and thus enhance the sustainability of healthcare systems. With the increasing number of scientific approaches available, it is crucial to demonstrate the benefit of large scale deployment of personalised medicine to citizens and healthcare systems. This session with include practical examples of successful implementation of PM practices in hospital settings, demonstrating their benefit for individuals as well as their economic viability.


Prof. Carlo Tacchetti

Prof. Carlo Tacchetti

Director of Experimental Imaging Center, OSR


Gerald Prager

Prof. Gerald Prager

Division of Oncology, Department of Medicine I, Comprehensive Cancer Center, Medical University Vienna


Elena Garralda MD

Director of Early Drug Development program

Applying personalised medicine to the treatment of viral hepatitis. A practical example of implementation in a tertiary hospital

Dr Josep Quer

Dr Josep Quer

Vall d´Hebron University Hospital, Barcelona

Ron van Schaik

Prof Dr Ron van Schaik

Professor in Pharmacogenetics Erasmus MC Rotterdam

Wintermute architecture for integrating CDS in a hospital information system

B VandenBosch

Prof. Bart Van den Bosch

Director of IT, UZ Leuven

Antonio Esposito

Prof. Antonio Esposito

Deputy Director of the OSR Center of Experimental Imaging